Easy and Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Fall is near upon us, and it’s time to update your home decor according for the season. In this blog post, we will share the top affordable ways to decorate your home for fall. From changing the color scheme to adding cozy accents, you can easily create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home without spending a lot of money.

1. Select an autumnal color scheme:

One of the quickest and most affordable ways to enhance your home’s atmosphere for fall is to change your color scheme. Swap your bright summer tones with deeper and warmer colors like burgundy, orange, and mustard. Introduce these hues by using cushions, throw blankets, curtains, and rugs. A small change in color can instantly make a significant impact on your home decor. Best of all, you can reuse these pieces every year to get the most out of your money.

staged living room with navy and yellow accents

2. Add seasonal natural elements:

Fall is all about celebrating nature’s beauty, so incorporate natural elements like branches, pine cones, leaves, grasses, and acorns into your home decor. These accents are widely available in your backyard or local market and add an organic touch to your home decor. You can use them as a centerpiece on your dining table, on your fireplace mantel, as a shelving accessory or even as wall decor. If you don’t want to have to source natural elements in the outdoors yourself, there are affordable options you could purchase, like this autumnal leaf arrangement from Target.

adding natural elements to your home staging design

3. Add candles for a cozy glow

Lighting is an essential aspect that can transform your home’s ambiance. Introduce soft lighting by replacing your bulbs with warm-toned light bulbs and adding candles in different scents and sizes. Candles can also be included in your decor by placing them on candleholders or creating a cozy fireplace mantel display. The best places to shop for affordable, yet luxurious looking scented candles perfect for fall are HomeGoods and Target. Amazon is a great place to buy LED candles such as these flicker faux pillar candles in glass cylinders. The cylinders come in multiple colorways, but the amber choice is perfect for fall. These days, LED candles can look surprisingly realistic and you can reuse them every day, every year unlike real candles. They’re also pet friendly.

4. Add soft, cozy textures that add warmth to your home:

Fall is synonymous with cozy, so incorporate textural elements into your home decor to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. For example, add velvet or tartan pillows, a shag rug, or a cozy faux-fur throw blanket on your couch or chairs. These small additions can make your space feel warm and comfortable perfect for curling up on a gloomy fall Sunday afternoon.

staged condo living area with boho vibes and orange accents

5. DIY Fall decorations:

DIY decorations are not only fun and creative but also a very affordable way to decorate your home for fall. You can make wreaths, garlands, or centerpieces with natural elements, pumpkins, and gourds. A quick Pinterest search can give you endless inspiration to create DIY decorations that suit your personal style. You can buy mini pumpkins, squashes and gourds at your local supermarket. This is a great way to create seasonal decor that will last beyond Halloween, as it works for Thanksgiving as well, saving you time and money.

Decorating your home for fall:

Decorating your home for fall does not have to be an expensive and time-consuming affair. By making small tweaks to your color scheme, lighting, natural elements, textures, and DIY decorations, you can create a cozy, inviting, and affordable fall decor that enhances your space’s ambiance. Start by trying out the tips we shared and gradually add more decor elements that fit your style and budget. Happy decorating!

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