5 Affordable Tasks You Can Do to Help Your Home Sell

The market in Seattle and surrounding areas is competitive so it is important to prepare your home for the market, however it’s easy to get carried away with expensive upgrades when selling your home. However, there are plenty of affordable tasks that you can take that will help elevate your home while keeping on budget. Here is our list of 5 affordable tasks you can do to help your home sell.

1) De-Clutter Your Home

The number one priority should be to get rid of the clutter. If buyers see clutter in your listing photos they will avoid your home at all costs. Seeing clutter is linked with stress and anxiety, feelings that you don’t want your home associated with. Remember, making that first impression is so important when selling your home. Make sure you start by removing any personal items, like photos or toys, as well as any unnecessary furniture. Removing the personal clutter accomplishes two things. First, this can help make your space look more spacious and clean. Second, selling your home is all about the buyer. By temporarily removing your personal belongings and photos, you allow potential buyers to better envision themselves in your home. While your home is on the market, you can also consider renting a storage unit to keep your excess belongings to keep them safe for your next home. De-cluttering is the most important affordable task you should do to prepare your home for the market–best of all, unless you choose to rent a storage unit, this task is completely free!

retro living room with midcentury stained glass

2) Deep Clean Your Home

Another important aspect of home staging is to thoroughly clean your home. This includes deep cleaning your carpets, wiping down the walls, getting rid of any unsightly bathroom stains, and dusting all surfaces. You should also make sure to repair any damages, like a hole in the wall or a leaky faucet. These small fixes can make a big difference in how buyers perceive your home. Remember, it’s all about the perception when you’re wanting high offers. . By deep cleaning your home, potential buyers can focus on what matters instead of on mess. You can hire a company to assist you with your deep clean, or you can tackle it yourself to help stay on budget.

3) Add Color and Texture to Add Warmth & Interest to Your Home

Once you’ve decluttered and cleaned your space, it’s time to add in some color and texture to help your home stand out. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint your walls. Consider adding some colorful throw pillows or a vibrant area rug to give your space some personality. Our staging packages are a great way to accomplish this as they’re customizable by adding different pops of colour chosen by our designers to suit your home. You can also add in some fresh flowers or plants to make your space feel more welcoming. Some great places to get affordable fresh flowers are Costco and Trader Joe’s.

staged condo living area with boho vibes and orange accents

4) Add Curb Appeal

Adding curb appeal does not need to cost a fortune. You can add a few pots with some flowers or shrubs to the exterior of your home to add beauty without needing to re-landscape your entire front garden. Another great idea, depending on the season is to plant some bulbs of tulips and daffodils. This is a cost-friendly way of adding florals to your garden space. You can still add visual impact while keeping things simple and beautiful. Try to keep your lawn manicured and watered before selling to show off a healthy green lawn to instantly attract your potential buyers. This is especially important if you are selling your home in the summer as many competing lawns will look yellow, dull, and lifeless in comparison. According to the National Association of Estate Agents, a well-maintained lawn can increase your home value by as much as 10%.  These simple, affordable tasks will go a long way in adding curb appeal to your home.affordable tasks to add curb appeal to your home

5) Rethink Your Lighting

Another affordable task to help sell your home faster is to make sure your home is well-lit. Lighting really sets the entire mood for a home. If a home comes across as dark, it reads depressive to potential buyers. This is especially important for sellers who live in more wooded neighborhoods–which is quite a few in the Greater Seattle Area! Make sure each room has enough lamps, table lamps, bright lightbulbs, and ample ceiling lighting. If you have a focal point, look into adding uplighting. Something so simple as uplighting can make a major difference. Just make sure that all lightbulbs are warm light otherwise your home will feel clinical. You do not want your home’s mood to read ‘hospital’. Another affordable task is to clean your windows if they’re dirty to ensure they let in as much light as possible. Lighting affects humans’ mood and wellbeing so take advantage of the psychology. By making a few affordable upgrades to your lighting you will subconsciously boost your potential buyers’ mood while in your home giving them positive associations.

modern loft bedroom with ochre and black accents and white bedding

These affordable tasks will help your home sell quicker and for more than if you hadn’t done them. Preparing your home for the market doesn’t have to break the bank.

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